About Jessica

Jessica was born and raised in New York State where she still resides with her husband and two children. From a very young age she’s had a love for all things beauty and in 2003 she graduated from Cosmetology School. Three years later she married the love of her life, Chad, and in the next couple of years, she had the absolute joy of bringing their two precious sons into the world. Soon after she found herself living and pursuing her dreams of being a wife, mother, model and makeup artist. She faced her fears of public speaking and after a 70 lb. weight loss, she entered to compete and won the title of Mrs. New York America in her first ever pageant. Jessica was humbled to experience this once in a lifetime journey and went on to compete in the Mrs. America Pageant in which she was awarded and brought home the Mrs. Congeniality award. Her love for the beauty industry grew even deeper as she continually witnessed how one’s beauty truly shines from the inside out.

Jessica’s life motto is to see beauty in all things, in all people, and to help someone else see the beauty in themselves that others already see in them. She cherishes the time she shares with her clients, getting to know them, offering tips and tricks they can apply to their beauty routines but what she loves most of all is witnessing their confidence level soar when stepping out of her chair.

Whether it’s through consultations, lessons, or application on any age range, Jessica’s goal is to help her clients feel confident in putting their best face forward!

“There is no reason to be ashamed to wear makeup. Makeup allows us to be artistic by enhancing our natural born beauty. I believe in some cases, it gives us the confidence and power many of us may think we need to take on the world, although, we must always remember that we’ve had that power, deep within, all along.”

XOXO ~ Jessica

Mrs. New York America