Top Notch Professional Make-Up Artist

“Jessica Lahr is a top notch professional make-up artist. She is my go to gal for photoshoots, for my model coaching clients for lessons and for myself when I have an important event or photoshoot. She sets my mind at ease knowing she’ll make each person look their best. I usually just pray she is available. A truly talented artist like Jessica has a keen sense of lighting, how to highlight facial features and a clear understanding of what the client or project is calling for. She can easily switch between makeup for on-camera work to more glam/event makeup. As a professional model, model coach and someone who has worked for talent agencies, I’ve noticed this is not a strong suit for many makeup artists; most get good at one niche and cannot easily switch. But Jessica is skilled all around and your makeup will be on point whether it be wedding day makeup, fashion show model makeup, a photoshoot, commercial video shoots, prom looks, pageants, or special events. Not to mention she is a pleasure to work with and brightens up the whole space with her kindness and charisma.”
Kristin Bauer-Gross, Model, Spokesperson

A Wonderful Experience

“Working with Jessica has been a wonderful experience. She did my makeup for a photo shoot and I was thrilled with the results. She not only executed the look effortlessly but explained to me what she was doing with each product so it was a learning experience. I later had a makeup lesson with Jessica which was fun and very informative. I now feel more confident in my makeup abilities. Jessica taught me that makeup is all about experimenting and having fun. I really enjoyed working with her.”

Veronica Ryan, Photo Shoot

Tremendous talent as a makeup artist

“Jessica’s tremendous talent as a makeup artist makes it easy to recommend her as a freelance artist to anyone considering professional makeup for any occasion.  I have served as the Executive Director for The Mrs. New York America Pageant for the past seven years and Jessica was crowned Mrs. New York America 2015. Jessica has made me look my best for galas, speaking engagements, modeling, fashion shows, and television.  Her easygoing demeanor and knowledge base put her clients at ease immediately. I have a firm belief that you are only as good as the tools you have to use, so I was quite impressed to learn of Jessica’s absolute comprehension of upscale product lines and the skill with which she uses in perfecting her craft. I refer my contestants and fellow models to Jessica and have confidence they will find contentment in her capable hands.”

Diane Hardgrove, Mrs. World 2007, Mrs. America 2006, Mrs. Arizona 2006, Executive Director of The Mrs. New York America Pageant

She Tailored to my Style with Colors

“Thanks to Jessica’s brilliant way with makeup, I was made to look and feel incredible on the most spectacular day of my life.  Her flawless beautifying ways make for an elegant face that would make anyone feel like a princess.  Not only did she take her time to make me feel beautiful, she tailored to my style with colors.  The products used were light and fresh appearing throughout the night.  I knew when I entrusted Jessica to do my wedding day makeup she would deliver the very best results.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to look and feel my best and that’s exactly what she helped me do.

Krista BBride

Infomercial Makeup

“Thank you for doing my makeup for the infomercial. You are very professional and courteous. The blending was very well done. My face was fresh and ready for the camera. You know the industry so well, the perfect look was executed. I will definitely use you again!”

Kimberly R.Model

Jessica is Amazing When it Comes to Makeup

“Jessica is AMAZING when it comes to makeup! I hired her to do my makeup for a pageant, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. She took the time to see what I would be wearing and she listened to how I wanted to look so she could tailor my makeup perfectly for interview and stage. Not only are her skills outstanding, but she is just fun to work with. She makes you feel like a queen through the entire process. I highly recommend her for anyone considering having their makeup done for an event!”

Jennifer S., Mrs. Nevada America
2015/Mrs Rochester NY
America 2016