Top Notch Professional Make-Up Artist

“Jessica Lahr is a top notch professional make-up artist. She is my go to gal for photoshoots, for my model coaching clients for lessons and for myself when I have an important event or photoshoot. She sets my mind at ease knowing she’ll make each person look their best. I usually just pray she is available. A truly talented artist like Jessica has a keen sense of lighting, how to highlight facial features and a clear understanding of what the client or project is calling for. She can easily switch between makeup for on-camera work to more glam/event makeup. As a professional model, model coach and someone who has worked for talent agencies, I’ve noticed this is not a strong suit for many makeup artists; most get good at one niche and cannot easily switch. But Jessica is skilled all around and your makeup will be on point whether it be wedding day makeup, fashion show model makeup, a photoshoot, commercial video shoots, prom looks, pageants, or special events. Not to mention she is a pleasure to work with and brightens up the whole space with her kindness and charisma.”
Kristin Bauer-Gross, Model, Spokesperson